Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday 20th March: day 9 – Holi festival splash

No not a holiday just massive game of splash each other with colour.
Its famous you know, anyway I was picked up by Nn,  one of the NICC students from Rajasthan, outside the house in Moore street sharp at 7am and raced through the empty streets of Sunday morning Bangalore  on the back of his motorbike to the NICC school base where we met up with other students  and tutors ready to go out and find some holi play. Sadly at that early time there wasn’t anyone out playing so to expand the shooting assignment we stopped  off in at a market out on 100ft road and spent about an hour wandering along. So much food on offer  and yet so many people out there hungry  but people have to make a buck to survive here so what can one do, anyway one of the students said there was some holi play at a nearby temple site so off we went hunting our prey. We soon found the odd couple of players and kids all duly painted up but then some schmuck walked up and threw a handful of blue dye right in my face and I got sore eyes from it. Washed them clear but it hurt so much but anyway sucked it in and we wandered on and eventually came upon a street with a group playing who were happy for us all to photograph them without them trying to colour us purple. They were getting right into the spirit and of course I copped another dosing but this time I was ready for it.
Then another student got a call from her mother to say their condo nearby were having a private holi party and to bring all along so back to the bus and we headed off, this time I covered up the camera with the plastic bag and was prepared for more holi play.
What a riot, people, extreme colours, lots of water, food and Indian dance music and about 200 people all jam packed into the front drive way of the condo. I had a blast shooting, getting wet and yes I was duly covered in a multitude of colours. The people there were really friendly despite us gate crashing their party and we spent about two hours there shooting up a storm,
A great day was had by all and now the talk was all about our upcoming 3 day workshop to Mysore starting on Thursday through to Sunday. It should be fun and I’m looking forward to it as the students there are really talented.

yes thats me

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