Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday 18th March: day 7 it's been on the road a week now.

Woke at 4.30am this morning  feeling more tired than when I went to bed last night, I don’t know why but even though I know we are 3000ft above sea level here I’m getting knackered more than I should and I am still fighting off the flu I had in Dunedin a week ago.
Again we headed off in the early morning darkness to Lalburgh Park where I had arranged to meet the sun worshippers again and also possibly catch the laughing group.
In the dark I was rating the camera at 3200ISO and I was still not getting any good images so on with the flash and started snapping away. They all knew I was coming and accepted the inconvenience of the flash. It seems that I’m turning into a bit of a star here  as people tell their friends about this crazy kiwi photographer whose in town – should be good for a laugh I guess, anyway  back to the sun worshippers who can bend and twist like you wouldn’t believe. This old 67 year old was posing for me even though I didn’t want to shoot him so I did and concentrate don his hands and feet to get a different view of it all. Looked first at getting a number of action shots using pan action flash techniques as the light picked up and then I could move into a more comfortable shooting regime.
Then I started to look for angles, viewpoints and features, got some okay pics I guess, but so tired today so it was a struggle to get the brain into gear and be happy about my work.  I am however happy with a couple of images I captured so the morning wasn’t a total loss anyway. The light here while golden in the morning can change quickly into really harsh and contrasty strong directional light which the eye can adapt to but the digital camera cannot so I am changing the way I shoot to a total RAW only work flow now to maximise my chances rather than letting the JPEG ruin any more good pictures.
The laughing group turned out to be just five guys who mimic monkeys laughing and other animals while they exercise so a no show there but I think I got an ok image from one of them – maybe next time.
Today will be a slow day as we may get some images printed out this afternoon to give to the locals I’ve shot and prepare for the weekend. Time to work on my own projects I think.

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