Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday 19th March day 8 – cricket mad

They are mad about cricket here, Indians follow the progress of their favourite teams on 3 dedicated TV channels and the moment school is out or the weekend rolls around the kids are out playing cricket in any spare space they can find, streets, alley ways, open fields or the road. Anywhere any how they will start up a game and off they go. The local kids were out there hitting up a storm when I came along and as usual they hit me up for info about home and which team I support, they knew all the names and the form. A truly national sport Cricket is.
This morning I went for a long hard and brisk walk, finally felt up to it, so Vino and I went early on to the nearby Army lake where I joined the hundreds out there doing their daily bit for fitness and health, then I decided  to walk home about 3km I think might be little less - while Vino kept an eye on me and showed me the right way home, feel much better and looking forward to the next walk.
Today Vino John and I spent a couple of hours searching for a photo exhibition in an area known as creative commons ground or There we met a bright young shooter showing off his pictures from a good year he had had at work for HP and on the road around India. Nice stuff, the building is famous here for being odd, with different floors on various levels all linked like a construction site. Famous lah. Tomorrow is the main day they celebrate the famous colour throwing Holi Festival here so I better prepare for it. The locals have been out early playing holi as they call it, rather splashing each other with dye from ambush sites around the neighbourhood, almost got caught in one myself. Tomorrow we will see what happens as I am travelling with the cool guys from the NICC as part of an OUTREACH workshop day on the streets of Bangalore shooting whatever holi playing we can find. I expect to be a target being the only aungmo there lah.

 john at work
 goats and cows abound here

 watermelons so cheap lah so tasty sweet not like the aussie ones back home
 john by V John hard at work
 auntie Fatima a lovely lady with a heart of gold

 anyone want a copy of the latest movies cheap lah

yes this in an art gallery
 no bamboo scaffolding here just wood
 $2 NZD a bottle of water

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  1. Hey John! thanks for coming over to my exhibit at Jaaga in bangalore! was a learning experience. Check this link: