Tuesday, March 15, 2011

India Day four - first day on the ground

Day four - after another flight I eventually touched down in Bangalore, 40 hours after I started and yet only the next day according to the clocks.
So jet lagged and so tired I was happy because waiting for me there was Vino John, photographer extraordinaire and friend to all, a welcome sight i can tell you. we drove through the uncharacteristically deserted early morning streets to his lovely little flat in Fraser Town an older district, there after a short nap we headed off out to discover Bangalore and start my projects. He knows everyone here and we meet some really amazing people, his landlords Fatima and Chandrasekhar are really lovely and treated me to a lovely evening meal of chapattis and pepper chicken I have arrived in India but badly Jet lagged and still on a buzz I crashed that night and slept like a baby.
Tomorrow I start calling on people to help my project and to start preparing for my photos. 
 the man himself Vino John master photographer
 lovely neighbours
 cooking stir fry next door

 unreal traffic
 the view from the front door down onto Moore Street

our humble abode just off Moore street in Fraser Town Bangalore - yes I know its pinks don't laugh

putting myself in the frame up in our roof top BBQ area - nah just kidding indians don't have BBQ areas

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