Friday, March 11, 2011

Day two in the shaky city

 Day two, two photographers, two computers in their second location for the Christchurch Press.
This morning I visited my younger brother Richard and one of his colleagues John Kirk-Anderson, a photographer at the Press newspaper in Christchurch, working from just a couple of laptops in their tiny space dedicated to the Illustrations department out at the Press new facilities in western Christchurch, near the airport. The entire editorial team which usually works over two floors has relocated into just a couple of small offices after the famous Press building was decimated in the Christchurch Square following February's earthquake. Both were inside when it all came crashing down around their ears but luckily both made it out alive and then spent the rest of the day shooting pictures of the dramas unfolding around them.
Overnight we all watched in fascination as NHK relayed live pictures of the tsunami which hit northern Japan, while I have never been to Sendai, I do however have fond memories of my times at Epson's factories in Nagano which has been also hit by another big quake late last night.
I hope all are well up there.

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