Monday, October 3, 2011

The weekend of irish eyes and MTB action

What a photogenic weekend I had. On Saturday I went out and while Kath worked the Red Cross room I covered the Otago Mountain Biking Clubs annual six hour cross-country event with Paul Baines, a mate who's interested in photography. Within a couple of hundred metres we had multiple photo ops from different locations all allowing us to shoot good action photos.

The race started at 4pm and went until 10pm so we stayed out until the light went down and then moved indoors to catch a few snaps of the action in the pits area.
I managed to get some good shots and made contact with riders who wanted images of themselves in action.
On Sunday Kath and I went down and even though we didn't have tickets for the Irish v Italy RWC match at the Dunedin Stadium, we spent a couple of hours in the warm weather wandering around before the start snapping off some good snaps of the venue reflected in the Leith river and also heaps of shots of the wonderfully dressed up fans.