Thursday, October 17, 2013

Aoraki Road Trip 2013

It's a real buzz when you happy to lend a hand to educate the next generation of photographers and they respond by inviting you on a two day long road trip around Central Otago. It great to get out and expand your mind but its often hard when you are involved in a training exercise as you don't often get the chance to shoot any good images as you are too busy passing on knowledge,but the guys from the certificate of photography course and their tutor Frank Pawluk were just great.
Here are some of my better images form the trip
Many thanks to Highlands Motorsports Park in Cromwell for allowing us all access to their facility there and the rare opportunity to photograph one of their Porsche GTR race cars.

I can't wait for the next trip....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 2013 starting again....

Started writing again after a long break away from this blog, things have been okay with just a small amount of work in Dunedin. I had good clients last year but this year only have one, need to think more about marketing myself as a PJ editorial photographer but would really like to move in the direction of teaching photography.
Kath and her RedCross team practicing their water crossing techniques in a shallow Taieri River at Outrum.
  Still traveling a lot around the countryside shooting farming photos for CountryWide Magazine, Terry, the editor’s a good bloke.
Some of the assignments:
Croyden Aircraft company hanger at Gore - full of old planes - really cool.
Lamb sale in the rain at balclutha
Deer Farm near Wanaka
Autumn farming near Poolburn in Central Otago
Anyway my days have been occupied with research – research and a lot more research for a book I am writing on New Zealand’s WW2 war photographers working with the 2 NZEF, yes we actually had a couple of official and a few semi or unofficial snappers but compared to the aussie army (200) and the other allied forces (50,000) we only had a few (2). However it has been fun researching them and I am still looking for more info – it’s kinda therapeutic as it keeps me thinking positively while under employed. A lot more research still has to be done as I have already written about 80,000 words so far for 10 chapters on the subjects. I am now writing the proposal to the NZ Army to support the project in 2014.
The photographers targeted include George Kaye, George Bull, Harold Paton, Merv Elias, John Pascoe and George Silk.
Been out interviewing old soldiers at RSA’s and now need to travel north to spend some time at the national archives in Wellington, Auckland and Waiouru if I can find someone to pay for it all.But it’s been a lot of fun getting this far and the stories I have found make for an interesting volume.

 We had a our first dumping of snow yesterday, a good 3- 6 inches up here on the slopes of hills surrounding Dunedin, which was kind a fun for about 1 hour then it got too cold to appreciate anymore, nipped out with Kacy to shoot when the sun briefly came out then it returned to its usual dull and sleety day. Today it’s shining outside and the snow is melting away fast –typical.
It was good that the snow held off until Tuesday as I covered the annual Twin Peaks Battle Tab conducted by Bravo Coy 2/4 Bn RNZIR here in Dunedin over the weekend: 26kms up and down the two summits twice, not for me as my old war injury is playing up now that it’s a bit colder and I can’t run or climb stairs any more too well.
Another subject snapped in the last week was the annual Ironman 4x4 rally hosted by the Landrovers Owners Club of Dunedin. It had been raining all week and on the day it rained heavily which was great for the competitors but bad for keeping the gear clean and dry. While I got muddy  I still got some cool pictures, which was kinda fun as I have started shooting video of everything I cover these days. Brought a small HD Sony handicam and now are working my way through its limitations while teaching myself how to use Corel Video editor. 
Already posted a couple of videos on YouTube on the Ironman 4x4 and Twin peaks Battle Tab and had one brought by Farmers Weekly.
Learning how to shot both cameras at the same time which is a struggle at times but it’s fun.

Stay well