Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 2 Day 2 ups and down

Well that was fun, I got through the first week, tired and a little bit hungry I admit. But it was a challenge. Especially when you get invited out to dinner at a friend’s and they are serving wonderful food. So I stuck to small portions of the salads. That’s all I could manage while the others dined on chicken and ice cream.
By now I have discovered which Optifast flavours are palatable and picked out those that are nice and those not worth it. The sachets of shakes that rock are Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, while in the bars the chocolate is very stodgy but oh so filling, all the rest were not nice for my palette especially the caramel. I will be soon blending the strawberry with frozen berries in the mornings so that should be nice.
Today I had my first diabetic fuzzy sight and major dizzy spell since finding out I was diabetic (Type 2), kinda knocked me for a six confidence wise, losing my vision to a fractured view, but I knew it was coming due to massive dizzy spells standing up and even while sitting down so I  wolfed down some fruit to balance my blood sugars and it passed thankfully. I now know the signs that lead up to an episode so will watch out for them in the future.
I'm also learning how to plan my food on away trips which my job demands carrying small punnets of prepared veges and salads.
Kath was impressed that I maintained the diet regime down at the Edendale Crank Up in amongst all the lovely snack food on offer but i prevailed and won the day.
Watching my bloods closely down to 5.8 and 6 so gotta take note of them and adjust the medication accordingly if I need to.
Kath's proud of me

Bloods 6.1am 5.7 pm after a meal a wee bit worrying because of the continued dizzy spells

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