Tuesday, January 24, 2017

days two and three week one.

Week 1 Day 3
Bloods 8.2 am 5.8 pm
Woke exhausted but in a better frame of mind, tried the third drink flavour today. Chocolate was a massive sugar hit – thanks Nestle- Banana was so-so (oh how I miss Bananas – not good at all for my Diabetes) while the Strawberry at least tasted ok now I have to find some frozen berries to add to it in the blender which should make it much more palatable.
Now if I could not feel so bloated although Wilbur said I would be farting like never before soon. 
Made up my mind to try a few of the recipes from the opticook site.

Week 1 Day 2
Well I got through it - the second day on the diet: Hungry Maybe! Exhausted Yes! Feeling like a bloated cow Yes! But this is what the Optifast website said I would feel like. Started surfing around looking for recipes found a few good sites like opticook.org and the Canadian Optifast company websites are free and great, however the Aussie site costs $99 to join up for the same content –dah!
Feeling good with myself and then the phone rings, due to an illness in the tutors family my journalism course has been delayed until the second semester starting in July, I’m ok about most of it but wonder if they are going to make us take 3 months off in the middle of it – kinda dumb I think.
Then I got to talk with Wilbur, he’s on the Optifast diet and has lost heaps ( OK he had to lose some to start with before his gastro band was put on but he is still living by the diet) and his advice was very, very helpful, he made me see that it was possible to lose the weight and keep it off.
Bloods 8.0 am 6.1 pm

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