Saturday, February 4, 2017

 Week 2 day 14
I'm so over it
I'm so over 'dizzy spell's, they hit me every time I try to stand up and are really a pain,  worked out they are probably blood pressure and not related to diabetic sugar levels so time to call it in again and see which pill needs halving. I'm of the opinion that dieting is like being an alcoholic or addict as you crave a product (food) every hour of the day but it's you mental fortitude which stops you caving in and opening your mouth. It's not all that easy as we are constantly bombarded with food advertising every where and it smells so good but I have to remember why I'm doing this and why it's in my best interest to keep at it. Took my mind off food yesterday and went and watched a cruise ship depart Port Otago from Butchers Point at the end of Port Chalmers, mighty impressive ,wish some day I may be able to afford going on a cruise - not here but up in the northern hemisphere I hope.
bloods 6.8 am

the sentinels a looking out to the mouth of Otago Harbour

they said all they were catching was sharks

great place to watch the world go past from
what shall we wear for dinner today darlink

wicked aerofoil on the back does it make them go any faster?

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