Sunday, May 27, 2012

A busy weekend

The past weekend was one of ups and downs, I worked real hard juggling the load of servicing four different clients all while trying to maintain a good coverage of events at the same time
They were all fun events, the national young farmers competition final at the stadium (was interested to see how they would do it without the usual mud, digging and heavy machinery), the 4OSR annual Twin Peaks Battle Tab 27 kms long race held in the hills behind Dunedin, all the action at the Rally of Otago as well as servicing my other client, the DCC.
The rally and battle tab were the most fun and on the rally I met some real nice photogs, makes a change from the usual wannabes you find on some events, these guys like neil, ewan and john were all dedicated shooters with heaps of talent and willing to chat and learn from each.
As to the rally it was good to see the usual suspects trying hard but what was also cool was to see some more veteran machines  other than the usual BDA Escorts, Nissan's or Toyota's, they were V8's, a Holden Monaro and a Ford XT GTO belonging to a couple of Aussie drivers who punted their charges around the dirt roads for fun, everyone enjoyed the howling V8's and the wicked slides they produced on the corners.
Speaking of corners I found one which allowed me to get in close to produce some amazing angle shots as the drivers climbed up them. I shot it using rear curtain sync at 1/250th of a sec. One even smashed a TV cameraman's polarising filter, ah the joys of shooting rally. Above the talented young driver Sloan Cox leaps through the corner.
 Some night action, the Avenger has a Rover V8 under the hood
a turbo blows in Emma Gilmor's Subaru

The battle tab boys and girls were fun to shoot- well done guys

take care and have fun

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  1. Hi John - you have been a busy boy!! Thanks for taking shots of our teenagers from Northland in National TeenAg competition. I sent you an email .. can you check your junk folder just in case .. Thanks.. Colleen Rushton