Sunday, April 17, 2011

17th April 2011 – fair to middle - nah it was a good day

a local cater i missed the other day a nice bloke always says hello
Why, because I got to experiment and enjoy myself taking heaps of good free style photos in the company of some really good shooters from NICC.

The four elements inherent to every image created through the action of light. These elements are:
  • ·         The photographic frame and its borders;
  • ·         Quality of focus as determined by the aperture or lens;
  • ·         Shutter speeds and their effects in relation to time and motion;
  • ·         The physical media used to create the aggregate image.

 You know sometimes you just have to switch the camera onto whatever you want and let it just do its job while you get on with yours- taking good photos. Reading through some really good ebooks I have recently downloaded I found this quote quite handy in explaining to people what photography is all about. 

Today I went to church – no really I went to church, Mum. Palm Sunday was on as a lead in to Easter next weekend – my final day in Bangalore- so sad – so Fatima told me about the procession they have around the local church with palms and sing etc etc. so I went along camera in hand to record the moment. After a bit of a wait, the event finally got started and I wandered around looking for odd pictures to accompany the small sub story about it, might send it home for the Tablet -Mum.



Later I returned to GK Vales to get another batch of images printed up from yesterday’s efforts to give out to friends and subjects – now I can’t walk down the street without everyone wanting more pictures shot of them -  LOL. I also watched, sans camera, as a bunch of people caught and dealt some local justice to a suspected thief down one of the allys nearby - silly bugger, I thought it wasn't a good time to leap in and take my usual close up action photos.
a local metal worker hard at work in Fraser Town
 But this evening I was pleased to join Raj Kampfer, Sneha Sawhney, Vaijayanti Varma, Jalaj Panth and Roshan John for a photo trip to a local summer holiday fair in a vacent lot near the famous Thoms supermarket– more like a flea market cum show but it was rather fun and it was so full of people. I advised them all just to let themselves go, trust the cameras and have fun and that’s what we all did. Some even took their cameras onto rides to experience the fun and shooting as they went round and round. 

 Once it got dark it was time to shoot some really slow speed images of the Ferris wheel and side shows. 

 The crew and I had a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to my last week in town - not, there is so much to do here I will just have to plan to come back soon.

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